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EU15 Ltd EU15 Ltd is a career management and training consultancy with experience throughout the world gained through working in partnership with organisations – from blue-chip companies to Governments to Universities. EU15 Ltd offers a full range of advisory services for all types of organisations including Outplacement for companies and Career Management for individuals. All services are provided by our team of experts including Susan Quantock, who has over 25 years of personnel development experience and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (FCIPD). In view of the work undertaken by EU15 in the area of support for SMEs and their e-learning expertise they will be involved at every stage of development of the project and be an integral Member of the project team.


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VITECO VITECO is an Italian SME located in Sicily. Its staff is formed by professionals with engineering and business administration backgrounds. It’s a software and e-learning provider working both with national customers and European partners in EU projects. VITECO is a provider of technologies for long-distance training and it is leader in e-learning sector, having its own e-learning platform and has a solid expertise on open source platform Dokeos. Its core business is based on VET and development of web-based solutions for collaborative learning and educational content management with a special focus on issues related to entrepreneurship, business, hard and soft skills. VITECO is a software and e-Learning provider supplying complete and integrated solutions built around different target users’ needs. Thanks to the experience gained throughout the years in the domain of knowledge and content management, VITECO makes it possible for private companies and public agencies to develop their own “store of knowledge”, obtaining significant competitive advantage. Its products are simple and intelligent platforms which give teachers & students access to a great variety of contents and to the “e-learning experience” without requiring specific IT competences. Our European Project Office has been involved in more than 10 EU projects and many regional projects and has coordinated also some of these. Thus, it is fully capable to provide both technical, operational and management support during the lifetime of the project.


CNA di Pesaro e Urbino CNA of Pesaro and Urbino is the association of Craft, Small and Medium Enterprises and new professions, that provides a lot of facilities and a range of flexible and tailor-made services to be used in its 25 provincial seats or directly in your own company. CNA supports enterprises to face the endless market development and the consequent changes in companies' needs; the CNA of Pesaro and Urbino system has set up, through its structures, a solid network of services concerning Internationalization policy for associated companies, training, production, innovation, marketing, environmental advice, credit and loans, legal and contractual aid, relationship with the employees, specialized fiscal services. It offers the following services to its associated companies: trade-union service, bookkeeping, payroll and human resources administration, environmental service, credit and loans aid, legal aid, business aid, assistance, insurance, pensions, automobile procedures, training courses, business start -up, quality certification, productive settlement, services for EU and international markets.


CNA di Pesaro e Urbino

P4ACE Ltd P4ACE is a newly formed not-for profit specialist communication research organisation which has emerged from the successful
delivery of an EU funded research programme into skills and competencies of communication practitioners inn Europe. The organisation specialises in developing on-line and off-line educational platforms and learning solutions, based on cutting edge research into communications issues for both the communications industries themselves as well as evaluating the communication dynamic for different employment sectors. As P4ACE specialises in developing on-line and off-line educational platforms and learning solutions, based on cutting edge research into communications issues for both the communications industries themselves as well as evaluating the communication dynamic for different employment sectors this project fits very neatly into their strategic policy framework.


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Regent's Park College, Oxford University Regent’s Park College is one of the 44 Colleges and Halls of the University of Oxford. Since 1846 Regent’s mission has been to create an exceptional community of learning and research made up of individuals from a broad range of backgrounds and life experiences. Everyone at Regent’s is focused on achieving excellence in undergraduate and graduate studies, and academic research. The college concentrates on teaching and research in the humanities and social sciences and contributes to Oxford’s worldwide reputation for excellence in these areas. Each year, the college expect to have about 120 undergraduates reading for degrees in humanities and social sciences; about 50 postgraduate students, and about 20-25 students preparing for ordination. In addition the college has nine doctoral Fellows, and more than a dozen doctoral Lecturers, and a support team of administrative and domestic staff.


University of Ioannina University of Ioannina (UOI) is celebrating this year 50 years from its foundation. Today, UOI includes 17 academic Departments which altogether number 13,523 undergraduate students. In SMEELEARN UOI takes part in the project with Department of Economics. DptEcon was established in 1996 aiming to provide students with the necessary knowledge, skills and technical competencies and prepare them for entering the labour market. Other activities DptEcon provides are: internships, a center of entrepreneurship, the organization of an international conference, online courses, online seminars, a lifelong learning programme and the development of networking. The department has coordinated and participated in various interdisciplinary EU projects and keep close and harmonious relationship with local businesses and organizations (municipalities, social partners, chambers, trade unions).


Slovak Business Agency For more than 20 years the Slovak Business Agency (SBA) has been supporting development and growth of Slovak SMEs to improve their competitiveness at the local, regional, national levels, on the EU market and globally. The non-profit seeking organization is a unique platform of the public and private sector initiated by the European Union and the Slovak Government. As an implementation agency for PHARE and Structural Funds, in the past the Agency supported the growth and expansion of Slovak companies active in the field of innovative technologies, research and development, as well as tourism. Thanks to the ongoing micro-loans program, the venture capital and other newer alternative sources of finance - crowd funding, digital pitching, even very small businesses can afford access to favourable finances. The Agency has also contributed to the establishment and capacity building of partner organizations and incubators in various Slovak regions which are used as one-window stops for SMEs and future entrepreneurs. Currently, SBA disposes with a pool of experts, mentors, contacts and agreements with various stakeholders that deal with the SME issues. It also prepares strategies and drafts proposals how to tackle them. Combining data with being an SME envoy, with power delegated by the Ministry of Economy, SBA is responsible for establishing a close, direct link between the European Commission, SMEs and their representatives. This is emphasized also via Enterprise Europe Network (formerly Euro Info Centre) – the global network existing across the EU and beyond, which helps small businesses to make the most of the European marketplace. SBA is a holder of ISO 9001 08 Quality Management System certificate.


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World University Service of the Mediterranean World University Service (WUS) is an association committed to the right to education, declared as a human right, part of the basis of the academic freedom and university autonomy. WUS has created a large federation with independent committees in over forty countries, and has a consultative status at the United Nations and UNESCO. World University Service Mediterranean (WUS MED) is a politically independent association committed to the academic freedom and the promotion of academic cooperation and international relations. Areas of specific expertise and competence: (a) Promotion, coordination, development and evaluation activities in international cooperation (b) Development of education, training, communication and research that are directed to respond to the needs of the social, economic and cultural development (c) Collaboration in the creation and management of teaching, research, development and innovation centres (d) Enhancement of knowledge transfer from the University through advice, encouragement and participation of companies for the use, dissemination and commercialization of knowledge and (e) Organisation of dissemination activities (scholarships, contests, seminars, courses, conferences, academic meetings etc.).


World University Service of the Mediterranean