This Project (September 2014 - August 2016) has, as its aim, to test and transfer e-learning practices that are common in the formal education sector to SMEs (with up to 30 employees) in order to address the vocational skills needed to develop and sustain SME growth in Europe. This will involve working closely with over 100 SMEs employees and managers and VET providers.

SMEs need to be aware of the e-learning opportunities available to them, and, more importantly, how these can be used to best advantage to ensure acceptance by the Managers and workforce. Throughout Europe SMEs are increasingly important to the economic well being of the EU. It is estimated that they account for 99% of all business with 42% of all turnover.

e-Learning Defined

For the purposes of this project, e-learning is defined as:

“...learning that is delivered, enabled or mediated using electronic technology digital technology and software applications associated with learning scenarios and interactive activities for the explicit purpose of training, learning or development in organisation’s” (CIPD 2014)

It includes the use of products including DVDs and CD-ROMs that do not require access to an internet, broadband or intranet connection. Promoting an inclusive approach to e-learning this definition also includes mobile devices, including mobile phones, to facilitate teaching and learning (JISC). Recognition of individual learning styles and any place/any time accessibility to training contributes to this definition, not precluding the concept that e-learning is not necessarily ideal for all training needs.

In summary, “e-learning can cover a spectrum of activities from the use of technology to support learning as part of a ‘blended’ approach (a combination of traditional and e-learning approaches), to learning that is delivered entirely online. Whatever the technology, however, learning is the vital element...” (JISC)

Project Partners

This Project is being developed by 8 Partners

    EU15 (UK) - Leader: Management & Co-ordination
    University of Ioannia (Greece) - Leader: e-Learning Recognition Review
    EU15 (UK)/VITECO (Italy) - Joint Leaders: SME e-Learning Guide & Portal
    P4ACE (UK) - Leader: Dissemination & Exploitation
    The World University Service of the Mediterranean (Spain) - Leader: Evaluation
    Slovak Business Agency (Slovakia)
    Regent's Park College, Oxford University (UK)
    CNA Associazione Provinciale di Pesaro e Urbino (Italy)

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